What are the strategies to promote music online?

Some years ago the way of music promotion services   was quite different. The musicians created their albums, for which they had to invest time and money, they dedicated more money to record them, touring, equipment and finally to the promotion of the product they had created. If we take into account that in each of these stages we have to contribute money, the cost of making a disc to the market was very high.

music promotion

In addition, the way to advertise the soundcloud music promotion was quite invasive. The musical promotion was oriented to people buying those discs, without paying attention to generate any sensation in the audience.

Connection thread with a day marked in the agenda and sends it to the media

  • One of the actions that give good results and are not easy to organize is those unpredictable actions where the artist warns through the network that will be playing in the place xx in xx minutes.
  • Of course, to carry out this move, you must have a well-loyal community with a high level of engagement generated.
  • I recommend that you always look for central places that for your fans it is not difficult to reach and where there is already an atmosphere.
  • The objective will be to record everything in video, from the moment you summon your fans through social networks and then publish the video.
  • This type of actions usually give a lot of credibility to the project in terms of media, companies, managers, brands, etc. so I recommend that that same video be present in the press kit when you present your project to a third party.
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